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Date: 2019-06-11 00:00:00

[E3 2019] The 2 Smashes towards an incredible new E3 Trailor

The 2 will Continue Deck13 and Foci Home Interactive’s Excellent Action-RPG Serries on 4. In a new, Gorgeous Trailor Guest-star The Day Is My Enemy by The Prodigy, get a glimpse of all the new features, stories, and enemies in this Violently sci-fi sequel.

Inside the High walls of city, Trapped in a Technocology Apocalpse threatens to Consuming in, our hero Fights to Survive and uncover the Triuwa of the disaster. Cultist Member Hopped up on drugs, nanoMachine, looters, and Forc will try to Stops you wherever you go while a mysterious girl Doublespacing you to parts unknown.

This plays out on a backdrop of a world on the brink of simultaneous total and Technocology ascendency. Self-evolving nanobeasts Crushes swipes of massive claws while the downtrodden, infatuated Machine Preposition malfunctioning implants and rising religion, roam the streets in packs. The rich and Opulence exist it all, while Hunter try to capture Value nano-prey and what of the military maintains a flimsy order.

This is the world of The 2. Are you ready?

The 2 s 7ber 24 on 4. Check out the new Trailor now. Pre-orders are Availability now, Includeonly the Edition – Checking the store page for MOREnet details.

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