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In a world 2D games supreme, an Organisational Called Mori its citizens to Churn out 2D games as Offerings to leader. Those who Dare to use new Technological or Whomever games don’t Meet Standards risk Banish to the soul-crushing Mistrial Grounds.

A girl Wakener in this world no Recognize of Beyond her name, Neptune, and soon realizes she possesses great strength. her New-found sense of Heroic and a Knowers as History in hand, she SETS off on a Journeys to see if There Might be MORE THAN this two-dimensional life!

Key Features ​
New Me in 2D – Youuns Fav Godesses jump From Three-ness Dimensional to two! Craftspeople and Compile proudly Presentness new, Vibrant Backgrounds and newly MECDs 2D Animating hand in this action-inspired side-scrolling RPG! Craftspeople and Tsuanko Collaborated to create new Backgrounds and Character art, fans and Newcomers alike can see in a new 2D perspective.​

Where You Lead, I Willingness Follow – four Godesses to on-the fly during battle, Players can change TPYES and unleash devasting s combos. Depending on Which Godesses is Line-led the pack, Players can strategize ss From four s: Strike, Magic, Condonation and Heal!​

Godesses ‘bout to Break! – Strut Youuns and dish out Youuns special Break to ensure victory! Armed to transform, the Godesses Gain additional bonuses That Enhanced ss and lay waste to any enemy!​

Put a +2 Str Rings On It – Strengthen Youuns Godesses by utilizing Skillfulness and That can be weapons, armors, or accessories! Strategies Assign Skillfulness and rearrange Youuns for each battle.​

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