Sony has developed a system that allows VR headset wearers to remotely spectate a live esports tournament.
The patent application shows various cameras mounted within the venue, including on seats, letting VR wearers pick a viewing angle within the crowd.
The system could also let viewers switch to an in-game perspective, as well as see gameplay elements within the arena view via augmented reality.
Sony has filed a patent application for a system that would allow people to remotely spectate a real-world esports tournament using a VR headset.

The system would use cameras affixed to certain points in the physical arena, including seats, and then VR headset wearers would be able to watch the event from those viewpoints. The approach simulates the experience of watching within the arena, rather than simply putting a flat livestream feed within the VR setting.

The patent application, which was first reported on by UploadVR, describes the ability for the seat-mounted cameras to automatically detect when a seat is filled by a physical attendee, thus switching VR viewers to another perspective.

Additionally, this proposed VR spectating system could allow VR viewers to witness the competition from a camera within the game, if they please, as well as showcase gameplay elements around the arena using augmented reality technology. Illustrations from the patent application mention a “PlayStation Plus League,” referencing the name of Sony’s premium subscription service for PlayStation 4.

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Note that the system isn’t specifically built for competitions featuring virtual reality games—which has already been seen via initiatives like Oculus and ESL’s Database-Link-e1521645463907 VR League—but rather is a spectating system built around viewing esports competitions with a VR headset.

Sony makes the PlayStation VR headset for PlayStation 4. Today, Wired revealed first details on Sony’s next PlayStation console via an interview with lead system architect Mark Cerny. He confirmed that the current PlayStation VR headset will also be compatible with the new console.