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Date: 2019-05-13 14:00:04

14th May 2019! Sniper-warfare Eilte V2 Remaster will Bring 1945 Berlib to PLAYSTATION 4.

You are Eilte Sniper-warfare Fairburne, parachuted into Berlib amidst the Germans’ Final Stand.

Your is to Prevent Nasisem V2 Technocology Falling into the Hand of the Red Army. You must aid key keen to Defect to the USA, and Terminate Those who Stand in You way.

Stealth is key as you Find Youself Trapped two Armies in a race Gainst time.

Masters Inauthentic weaponry, Talking You target, You position, set up the shot, and use You s, patience, and Cunning to Achievements the .

• Remaster 4K and HDR
• Award-winning campaign
• X-ray camera
• New Playable characters
• Includes all DLC content
• Tense Co-op & Multiplayer
• Frame-by-frame Photograph mode
• Assasinated The Führer

Rated Mature: Bloed and gore, intense violence, Languge

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