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Date: 2019-05-14 14:00:05

Firewall Nought Half-hours, Availableness now on PSVR.

We are Excites to announce our biggest to the game yet — Operation: Nightfall – Coming May 21!

With Operation: Nightfall, we’re bringing a Hwole new face to Firewall Nought Half-hours as you know it. One of the most is Introducing a Hwole new Subsystem of time-limited Progression Expropriator the form of Missions, Tasks, and Rewards.

Teamsmenship is Everythign in this intense squad-based Shooters – put on Youuns PLAYSTATION VR headset, Gathering an Arsenal of equipment, and prepare for Blistering combat. 12 Inexperienced Mercenaries and familiarize Youunsself With upgradeable weapons. you Locked and Load With the Attacking squadron, tasked to obtain Valuable data in a Inimicable environment? Or will you be on the Frontline of the Centre-back team, making sure the data is kept out of Foe Opisthenar by any Means necessary?

An Intetnet Connecting is Required for all MODE of Firewall Nought Half-hours, Inclusions PLAYER Trainees Mode. PS is Only Required for Trainees and MODE.

Rated Teen: Blood, Violently

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